This is an early CKKW logo crest that was used for several years on the MacGregor plaid jackets the announcers wore when on location, or out in the community. Notice that the frequency at that time was 1320 on the AM dial, before the switch to 1090
Here's a shot of the CFCA on air staff. This picture was taken around 1998 or 1999. I had just been moved from CKKW to CFCA as the swing announcer, and later replaced Phil Meighan as the morning man. Paul Scott was the Program Manager, Fred was the mid morning guy, Bob Farrow looked after afternoons.
Here CFCA is on location at the Farmer's Market. John Yost, is supervising  the event. Likely the market was his account. We had a great time at these remotes, meeting the listeners and enjoying each others company. Funny isn't it, radio people really enjoy getting together with other radio types to shoot the breeze and share a few laughs.
That Yost guy is everywhere! Here he's with Wanda Love, on the right, Wanda was the Promotion Director for CFCA at the time

John writes... "Dan in the  picture Wanda and I are presenting a cheque to Suzanne Cavanaugh who was with the local branch of the Cancer Society.  We did a tele thon to raise money for the cancer society on CFCA called Erase Cancer.  I believe the cheque was for $29,000.  It would have been 1987. 
The stations, CFCA and CKKW were sold to CHUM in 1994. Don Willcox, the head honcho of our company hosted a "farewell" party at his house for the staff.  The smiling faces hide the anxious feelings as this staff faced an uncertain future.
CFCA played a significent support roll in the early years of the Drayton Festival Theatre. Here's a couple of shots of "opening day" at  Kings Wharf Theatre in Penetanguishene.
CFCA on location at the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival. The station had a mobile studio set up in a swanky trailer and broadcast all day long. Here we see Gary Parkhill at mic on air, Pail Scott beside him, Bob Smith sales rep and the technical op who set up the remote (that's him walking out of the picture) is Glen Turchan, son of Paul Turchan. Glen is presently one of the owners of Conestoga Rovers.
Here's Jack Carpenter  with Bob Allen the Editorial Director of the Stratford Festival. CFCA covered opening night at the Festival for many years. Jack was a freelance broadcaster who worked with the station on various broadcast events. He was best known for his efforts to get people to wear red noses for a day, and "lighten up".  He was a fun guy.
Another year, another Maple Syrup Festival. This time CFCA has a mini home. The young guy in the shot is the operator for the set up and remote, can't remember his name, sorry about that. Maybe he'll see this and drop me a line!  The on-air staff were always inviolved in the day, running races, flipping pancakes, sawing logs and greeting listeners.
Tino Monte & Aubrey Walters attending a very formal function sponsored by the stations, CKKW & CFCA
Hoppy looks happy as the station helps him celebrate his birthday!
Hoppy gets his 25 year pin
Harold Blake chats with Claudette Scott at a summer get together
Here's Peter Etril Snyder on air on CFCA. Peter was a regular on the station, talking about art
Fred Merritt broadcasts life from Elmira Maple Syrup Festival
Ken Sylvester on CFCA
Doug Newman, copy chief
John Yost, CFCA sales, somethings cooking, he's got his apron on
Bob Smith, sales, & Fred Martinovic, copy
Neil Aitcheson relaxes in the pool after a hard day doing the sales manager thingy