Kitchener ~ Waterloo Scrapbook 
( there's lots of pictures, be sure to view all the page )

Remembering Staffers:
Norma Blake:  Norma was my secretary for many years and was just about the most pleasant person you would ever want to meet. She was a delight to work with and in the picture to the left she is accepting a long term service pin from Don Willcox, the GM of our company at that time.
Not only did Norma serve as an excellent secretary, but I knew I could rely on her for sincere advice in other matters as well. She is a dear friend.
On days when there were dark clouds on the horizon, I knew I could depend on Norm to be the ray of sunshine needed to take the edge off the situation.

Here's my stories.....(please feel free to edit all or part)
I meet my wife when Rick Kemp and I were on remote at the COE August the 28, 1969 2:00 PM show. Doris my wife was working for her dad who was GM of Grandriver Cable TV. We were to move around a bit and interview different exhibitors. I spoke to this girl (Doris) who was cleaning the TVs at the time and said Rick would like to talk with her on the air about Grandriver Cable. After 2 PM Rick went on the air and then said "George now lets talk to the people at Grandriver Cable". I said yes we are ready and the young girl's name is Doris. I turned to have Doris speak to Rick but she was running away up the stairs... (Doris has never like a microphone to this date). Rick covered up by saying something.
I remember most of the people on your website.... I remember working closely with Fred Merritt, Rick Kemp, and John "Hoppy" - White Owl cigars...

Dan, thanks for the memories and your site.....
Norma Writes:

Hi Dan: I have so many stories this small space will not be big enough.. I started in 1969 as your secretary and Girl Friday. I had planned to stay for only one month as therapy for broken fingers, after the cast was off ..doctors orders.).(fell off by bike)... You made working at CKKW so much fun I stayed.. for 23+ years.. .. First I did all your secretarial work and took notes during your "Buy & Sell" program, and lined up guests for your "Opinion Show".. ... I also wrote all the public service announcements used by both AM & FM announcers on a regular basis.. .... Because of my involvement with Musical Productions, and On Stage work, and my knowledge of the K-W area, I was asked to personally voice my Events Program , "People & Places">... three times daily, seven days a week on CFCA.. Lots of fun to work with you "live" on your daily shift on CFCA.. .... When I first was hired at CAP Communications, Peter Aitkens was personnel Manager. (Harold Zister was his assistant).. Mr. McGregor was Manager Don MacDonald was PD for FM and Dan Fisher (YOU) Were PD for CKKW... Rych Mills was (and I guess still is ) in Operations.. Francis RussellDoug Newman and Deb Hopkins were in Copy, and in Traffic was that little girl from Martins Trailor Park, and later Martha George, and then Cathy Maciaczyk.. Grant Hoffman was in the Library, and later George Patton., and Nancy Zurbigg.. ... We saw lots of part timers from Conestoga College come and go, and some have made a name for themselves now.. Neil Aitchison came as the first graduate from Conestoga College, as a salesman for CKKW.. Worked his way up to become Sales Manger for both CFCA AND CKKW... Bill Valentine was Sales Manager. ....Our annoucers on CKKW were Gary Parkhill, Rick Kemp, David Crichton, Bud Hall, Ken Copeman, (Plus many others I'll think off after I send this e mail off... Anyway Dan.... good luck on your web page.. I personally enjoyed working for you and with you throughout the years.... Wishing you and Gwen the very best...... Luv Norma.

Ed Note: There was also a Sharon Hiltz in copy for a while.

And the readers write:
Doug Newman Friday, 11/24/06, 11:06 AM 
 I was working at CHYM during the blizzard of '77. 18 hours, no food, so we convinced Kitchener Dairies to make a mercy run. Cost us four bucks each. Never did see that food, Dan, but at least I saved four bucks. In 1978,I lived directly behind day he came over and had a beer or three at my picnic table. I got the job. Started two weeks later. The day after Dan got his infarction. 
 From: Currently Freelancing out of Hanson, Ma. 

Peggy Merritt Friday, 11/24/06, 10:55 AM 
 Hi Dan....what a fantastic idea. I started at CKKW/CFCA-FM in 1985 as Sales Secretary and I'm still here 21 years later. I applied for the job in 1985 thinking there is no way I would be hired as I had stayed home with my children for 11 years and worked parttime. Then I had an interview with Neil Aitchison..... I told him right away I was a fulltime Mom and wanted to get back in the workforce as my 2 children were now in school fulltime... I remember he asked me what station I listen to and I told him CHUM 1050 (isn't that funny now our stations are owned by CHUM). He told me he had hired me because I didn't lie.....anyway 21 years later I'm still here... I've had a lots of laughs working for radio over the years. Some of us oldtimers are still here...Rych Mills, Cathy Maciaczyk, Jane Nadeau, Erwin Nikel, Deb Hopkins, Doug Newman and Bob Smith (retired this year)... Dan, remember every Christmas you gave us engagement rings.. Say hi to Gwen for me Love Peggy 

rose the cleaning lady Friday, 11/24/06, 9:54 AM 
 Dan: You may not remember me but for about ten years i had to clean up after all those people you mention on your website. Night after night---ashtrays overflowing, half empty pop bottle with drowned ciggie butts, garbage cans overflowing with rejected scripts, and oh that tiny washroom beside the copy office,what a stink sometimes (and we know who spent a LOT of time in there)...yes Dan, and the time those awful late night operators and announcers stole my little botle of special medicine from the electrical circuit access home in the floor between Norma's desk and Bill V's office...ohh, I will never forget the shock of it gone missing.....well, Dan, I hope you are keeping your desk clean and you have never had to enter the control room after a five hour shift by that Mr R and his nasty smelly pet dog (who was NOT house trained I may tell you!) Rose...(I will say hello to Timmy for you) 
 From: the beyond 

Brian Bourke Sunday, 11/26/06, 7:36 AM 
 It has just struck me that as of February, I will have spent half my life in Kitchener Waterloo. I was a cocky know it all 24 year old when I arrived at CFCA in 1983. Now I'm 48, that's the only thing that has changed. The 12 years I spent in the basement at 864 King Street West I remember as years with some of the nicest people I have ever met. Since I didn't get upstairs too often, I think it was 3 years before I met Phil Meighan, even though we both worked the morning show. What I value most from those years, was the incredible interest,care, and kindness shown by all the staff towards my kids. My oldest was just 2 when we moved here, and as we added more children, people like Phil, Dan, Fred, Paul Scott and so many others treated them like their own. There's no doubt the place had it's eccentricities, and it's problems, but it was also a great place for a young broadcaster to learn some valuable lessons, lesson which have helped keep me employed all these years. Thanks Guys! 
 From: Waterloo 

Mary Sue Severn, Thursday, 11/30/06, 10:33 PM 


I found your site on Friday night - Grant Hoffman's name came to mind and I decided to do a google search - lo and behold, your site came up.
 My recollections:
 1.  One Saturday evening in 1971, I was listening to Grant Hoffman's show (as we all did every week).  He had announced that Gail Dahms  ..[ Gail Dahms became famous as the Marilyn Monroe character in the Turtles chocolate commercial who dances with turtles in formal wear and sings the line "Oooo, I love Turtles".]  had decided to leave the show.  So, without thinking,  I just picked up the phone and introduced myself and said that I've love to have the job.  He hired me on the spot, sight unseen!  I got paid $5 a week and took home a free pizza after each show.  I tell you, at 13 years of age,  I had the best job of all my friends!  I also helped backstage on Canadian Bandstand until it was cancelled.
2.  I then worked at reception through high school - I was bored so I approached Bill McGregor's secretary (very proper woman I recall!) about taking on some admin work to help pass the time; the other receptionists weren't pleased because they were expected to do it too!
3.  I did some radio tech support work - Not exactly my forte - I got a call one night from the owner of Electrohome (can't recall his name) to tell me that I was playing the record on 78 (I think it was supposed to be 45) but because I had the sound down in the studio I was unaware . a very humbling experience!
4.  I went to Conestoga College (Radio & TV Arts) for 1 year (Gary Parkhill was headed up the programme in those days).
5.  After college I worked full-time for a couple of years - for a few months in the news department, then in Traffic with Gail Porter.  I also fondly remember these folks:  Rita (?),( ed. that would be Rita GlennieDoug Newman, Rych MillsNeil Aitchison, and so many more ....
 After I left CAP Communications, I moved to Vancouver and Victoria where I got my first job in radio sales.  I have since then lived in Toronto and Ottawa, working in sales in both radio and television, as well as spending a few years working for advertising agencies.  Sixteen years ago I met a Kiwi who was working in Ottawa as part of his post-doctorate programme.   We moved here 11 years ago - and I am very much a Kiwi now!  
 I missed the on-air/off-air sign and intend to one day get back into it, but I will be on-air instead of behind the scenes.  In the meantime, I am very active in local theatre taking mostly lead roles in musicals, comedies and farces.  My next production is an opera where I'll be singing in the chorus for Tales of Hoffman.
 It's been a fantastic and sometimes very bumpy ride to get to where I am today - but when I look back, it's been a blast.  And I truly owe it all to Grant Hoffman who took a chance sight-unseen on an enthusiastic 13 year girl.
 It's been so good for my soul to reminisce like this - and I wish you all the very best.  And if you ever choose to take a trip somewhere special, make sure it's New Zealand.  What an amazing place!  You will have to look me up!
Mary Sue
From: New Zealand 

David Gillick Sunday, 12/3/06, 8:12 AM 
 Given the span and depth of Dan's broadcasting career, his personal website is a treasure for those of us who have 'skin' in K-W radio and affection for his contributions. 
 From: London, United Kingdom 

Mike Marshall  Sunday, 12/3/06, 1:14 PM 

Great memories, Dan, of some wonderful, talented people, yourself included. Not long ago, we came across a letter on CKKW stationery from Ruth Hancock to my mother, dated March 3rd, 1961, some of it too personal to be included here. As the self-proclaimed "mother hen of the station," Ruth assured her that I was "working hard, fitting in with the wingy crew and doing a terrific job." At age 20, I quickly came to love Kitchener- Waterloo and almost 50 years after the fact, I've never had a pastrami on rye with shoestring fries as good as those served up by Tubby's  ( Tubby Helm )staff at the Mayfair Hotel. 
 From: Oakville, ON 

Ed Note on .Ruth Hancock (1925-1973) 

Two months before she died, the CCBA named her broadcaster of the year for "diligence, competence and incredibly energetic enthusiasm; for her unusual perception and downright decisiveness along with a great combination of tough mindedness and unfailing good humour; for her genuine love and affection for people and her willingness to help others personally and professionally." 

Grant Hoffman (Grantley) Monday November 4, 2006

I remember Mary Sue quite well.  She used to call me quite regular when I did Sat. Nights.  She had a very pleasant voice and seemed like a great kid.
I have had a lot of memories shared lately especially after CKCO TV's 50th anniversary.  I think Bandstand got a lot more attention from the 50th than when it was on the air.
The greatest thrill I've had was at the K.C.I. 125th Reunion.  I met a lot of people from over the years that I hadn't seen in years and when I was asked to be Grantly at the Closing Assembly and do A Bandstand bit with dancers and everything,  I was overwhelmed by the response from the audience.  After the bit on stage, a lot of people came back stage just to talk about old times  I still run into people at the mall, on the golf course or at functions who still remember the good times they had either at my Record Hops (I did 5 a week for two years) and my radio shows.
I still remember what you said the day I left CKKW after Nancy Zurbrigg gave me my gold record.  You said...."I hate to see you go because you are a hard worker."
Thanks for the memories Dan.

Kevin Kelly Thursday, 12/7/06, 5:09 AM 
 Hey Dan.. What a great site: my congratulations. It's great to recall some of the good days (and some of the bad ones) from 864 King. It's always good to sit and talk like we did at Curt & Laura's wedding. You, Bob, Phil, Paul, Ken, Freddie: all great guys to work across the hall from for those five years. Keep in touch and Happy Holidays. 
 From: Magic 106.1 FM, Guelph 
 Web Site:  Magic FM 

Bob Farrow Tuesday, 12/5/06, 8:56 AM 
 Hi Dan, Me again. Wow this is great. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have been a part of your radio days in K-W and to have worked along side some wonderful people. The guestbook is a terrific idea and a good way to hook up with long lost friends. Keep up the good work. Bob 
 From: Hamilton 
 Web Site:  Wave 94.7fm 

Reg Sellner Friday, 12/8/06, 12:51 PM 
 great Job Dan (as usual) I'm sure Oscar would be proud of you.......... 
 From: Waterloo 

Ken Copeman Friday, 12/15/06, 12:16 PM 
 Dan.... Was brought to your sight by my son Noel who is now working in the business at FM96 in London.... Was a wonderful trip through the K-W days.... forgot just how many great people I got to know and what a wonderful part of my life it was..... thanks for the memories... thanks for your work Cope 
 From: Chatham , Ontario 

Dan Note:   Ken's son Noel works at  FM96 - "London's Best Rock"
 you can find out all about him at this web site  > Check out the DJ Bio's 
Or try the MySpace site  <   >  He looks a lot like his dad. Ken was a very good broadcaster and I enjoyed working with him at CKKW.. He is one of the "good guys".

If you have a picture of CKKW/CFCA
staffers from the CAP days, e-mail a copy to
George Harper:  And here's a young George Harper. George came to work at CKKW/CFCA in the late 60's and spent three years as an operator. He would set up and tear down the remote broadcast sites, and operate the board when he wasn't out running around checking lines for remotes.  George is presently working on computers, and selling for a National Ag Magazine part time.
 now work on computers these days (plus sell advertising for a National Ag Magazine - part-time).
I was doing Grant Hoffman's machine when he told me about your site.Grant and I have talked about the radio days many times. I worked at the station when Bill McGregor ran things.... I was an operator in FM to start then to Am and some TV also Bandstand with Grant. 
Here's my stories.....(please feel free to edit all or part)
 I don't know if you'll remember me but I worked at CKCO and CKKW and CFCA when I was a teenager (maiden name Fitz-Henry). I did reception duties on weekends and some tech ops when I attended Conestoga College and later on worked in Radio Traffic. I got my start as the teen assistant on Grant Hoffman's Saturday night rock 'n roll show (paid $5 a week and was the best job I've ever had!!!). Anyway I married a Kiwi and moved to New Zealand 11 yrs ago. I sometimes get a bit nostalgic about Canada (as you would!) and by chance found this site. Talk about a walk down memory lane! I have such fond memories of my 8 years working for CAP Communications and you have brought them all to life for me again. So thank you! t.
When she died in 1973, Ruth Hancock was executive assistant to the President of the CTV Television Network. For 12 years she was manager of the Toronto office of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, and executive secretary of both the Broadcast Executives Society and the Central Canada Broadcasters' Association.

Ruth came into broadcasting  as a temp at newly licensed CKKW Kitchener. She hired office staff, organized an opening party for the station, and set up the books.

Thanks to Ken Copeman for the next three pictures:   Here's the crew of TREE HOUSE, a popular kids show on CKCO-TV with Danny Caughlin. Left to right...Pat LudwigTed Rooney, Betty Thompson, Danny, Ken and Terry Thomas. Ken and Terry did the puppets.
RED CROSS BLOOD DONER CLINIC:  At the Kitchener Farmers Market. Left to right, PAUL BOURKE CKKW mornings, BUD HALL, afternoons, KEN seated and being "needled", and WAYNE KOOYMAN
CKKW BALL TEAM:  That's GEOFF HUTCHESON on the far left, KEN third from left, and WOOLIE seated. The guy in the striped hat is GRANT MARTIN from the Kitchener Rangers

  Allison Wednesday, 7/18/07, 5:10 AM 
 You are the best Uncle Dan ever!!!!! Love your site!!! 
 From: Kitchener Waterloo ( Now knowen as the K-Dub) 
 ginny Monday, 6/25/07, 4:24 PM 
 Dan, this is Ginny Valentine - daughter of Bill! I ran into George Harper the other day who put me into this website! 2 of my kids are now going to Conestoga College and working with Paul Scott - in broadcasting!!! - wouldn't my dad be proud! I ran into Henning & Paul Scott & got talking about the old days when my dad was alive - he said you aren't well - hope you are improving and that you will be able to answer me! I run into Fred Merritt from time to time as he lives very close to me - let me know if you are ok Dan! Perhaps we could have coffee some time and talk about the old days and my dad?! 
   Sunday, 3/25/07, 3:22 PM 
 Joanne Palmer Maddeford Wednesday, 1/31/07, 6:49 PM 
 Hi Dan: what a great person you are!! I remember all those days after your morning shift you would come by the sales office to see if anyone was there you could pass the time of day with. You always had a funny story and an optimistic outlook and made people feel good just being near you. I loved the 11 years I spent at CFCA, CKKW and into the KOOL and OLDIES era. What a super bunch of people! Say hi to Gwen. And hugs to all of you. Joanne 
 From: now London, ON 
 Tino Monte Sunday, 1/28/07, 4:36 PM 
 Congratulations Dan! Just taking a New Years break and marvelling over the cast and crew you've pulled together on your site. A phenominal effort. Your scrapbook reminds me of a few great/revealing stories which I will be happy to share - once legal work is approved :)) Linda sends her love and best wishes to you and Gwenas well! tino 
 From: Aruba 
 Web Site:  Monte Media Management 
 Ken Copeman Friday, 12/15/06, 12:16 PM 
 Dan.... Was brought to your sight by my son Noel who is now working in the business at FM96 in London.... Was a wonderful trip through the K-W days.... forgot just how many great people I got to know and what a wonderful part of my life it was..... thanks for the memories... thaks for your work Cope 
 From: Chatham , Ontario 
 Bob Lehman Saturday, 10/20/07, 5:58 PM 
 What a wonderful experience to see these names that shaped my long radio career! I worked with Dan & CKKW from 1964-67 but it seems many years longer. I began in radio in my parents basement, with a pretend 'station', along with Tim Wight, Rod 'Charles',and Roger Ashby. I was lucky enough to get an op job on the weekends at CKKW. I worked Sunday mornings and evenings. Church services and German voicetrack shows (Sig Kuhner) well as shows by people like Ron Roberts (the round mound of sound). I worked with Dick Austin,Hoppy of course,(thanks to him I got to meet people like Johnny Cash & Loretta Lynn), Pete Emerson (who did a rock & roll show Saturday nights) Jim Craig,Dave Shulman (whose wedding I attended), John Delazzer (who could forget This & That), and of course Fred Merritt and Dan Fisher (my first PD). I op'd for Dan doing Buy & Sell & his music show. And what a secretary you had in Dianne Dorscht. Then I went on to operate the morning show with Stu Kenny.Stu used to stop by my house at 5-30 on the way to work to see if my little Spitfire was good to go. So sorry he's gone. Later in my career at CFRB Wally Crouter used to tell me how Stu kept in touch with him. My job as production director was later filled by Rych Mills who is still at it to this day! Cheers, Dan. What a great initiation into the world of radio! 
 From: 39 years in radio, beginning at CKKW 

Jennifer Daniel Sunday, 10/14/07, 5:22 PM 
 Hi Dan! What a wonderful website! Stumbled across it trying to find out information on old radio friends? I was with you during your CFCA days...I was the cruiser gal "Jennifer Brown". I have since of course gotten married, had a my 30's!!! Time flies. I miss all of those wonderful memories..and they were some of the best working years of my life. It was great walking down memory lane with your website. Even more special was you had my name in your list of announcer's you have worked honour. Take care everyone. 
 From: kitchener 
 Web Site:  Where in the world are you now? 

I recently received some old photos from Paul Cassel, who was a photographer at CKCO-TV years ago. You might find them interesting.

Here's Prime Minister John Diefenbaker being interviewed on the news set by Mike Nolan
And here's the Prime Minister at Koebel's  men's wear store getting fitted for a new topcoat. In this picture, far left Henry Koch, Record reporter. Far right Jerry Leyes
That's Paul with the camera at the Kitchener train station, getting a shot of the Queen, when she visited K-W in 1973. In the background Alfred Kuntz directs the Concordia Choir.

Here's  Elaiine Cole doing a radio interview on CKKW with Col. Sanders
The PM looks rather pleased with his new coat, as Jerry Leyes makes a few adjustments. This event took place at Koebel's Men's Wear

Here's Don Willcox at the CKCO-TV anchor desk
covering the 1968 federal election
Ed Doyle CKKW News in the foreground with Terry Thomas in middle of shot, covering election night 68'
for CKKW and CFCA-FM
Scrapbook 2